The saying “there is an app for that” has never been truer than in it is today.

What most people don’t know is that behind every app there is an iPhone app developer, iPad app developer, Android app developer, Windows Mobile app developer, or Blackberry app developer.

At Evolutionate we believe that the most important quality of a great app developer is delivering a solution that does what YOU want it to do. We are uniquely capable of translating your vision into a great app.

Our core competency is in developing new projects all the way from requirements to deployment, and we look for opportunities to work with clients who value exceptional quality over exceptional hype.

What makes us special is our unique way of approaching your app development project. We believe that, in most cases, we aren’t just developing an app, rather we are helping to build an app-based business (or an app-based marketing campaign). By taking this holistic approach, we don’t just focus on the actaul app. Instead, we imagine ourselves in your shoes and your customer’s shoes so we can answer questions, like …

  • How will you make money with this app?
  • How will potential users find out about the app?
  • What will users want to do with the app?
  • How will users want the app to function?

… and many more questions like these. It is through the process of asking these types of questions that we are able to thoroughly dive deep into the app and come up with the best possible solution, for both you and your future users.

With a name that comes from the intersection of evolution and innovate, Evolutionate is about helping your business evolve through innovation and keep up in this ever-changing mobile world.

So how can we help you? Here are a few ways…

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