iPad 3 App Developer in Los Angeles, Southern California, USA


There has been a lot rumors surrounding the release and functionality of Apple’s new tablet, the iPad 3. While no one really knows what to expect from Apple, the mobile app development industry can always expect the unexpected from the very secretive company.

While there is a lot of speculation regarding new functionality on the iPad 3, one thing is for certain. Competition in the mobile device market is fierce, so innovation is critical — even from Apple. Without innovation the demand for new devices wanes. Current Android tablets from Samsung and HTC have better resolution than the iPad 2, and Apple will need to raise the bar with its iPad 3 screen design to continue to dominate the tablet market.

As a future iPad 3 developer I see four key features that will cause most of the buzz and success for the new iPad 3 device. Of course, these new features have yet to be announced by Apple, but speculation is running high that most — if not all — will be on the new iPad 3.

The top four rumored new features include: Retina Display, Quad Core processor, Siri and a new camera. If Apple includes these four rumored features into the iPad 3, they will certainly maintain — and probably expand — their lead over competing Android Tablets. In my professional opinion Siri for Android will never happen.

Apple, over the course of its history, has always done the unexpected, so Apple fans have come to expect more of the same with the iPad 3. While the planning of future IOS devices extends years into the future, it will be interesting to see what happens in to Apple without its leader, Steve Jobs, at the top.

As long as Apple continues to keep new features for its mobile devices under wraps, rumors will persist as to the functionality of new Apple devices even before they are announced. IPad developers have come to expect this from Apple, and the better ones have learned to incorporate the features of the new Apple iPhones, iPods and iPads into the new mobile apps they design.