iPhone 5 Developer

iPhone 5 Developer

iPhone 5 Developers like Evolutionate can help you upgrade your app to take advantage of the iPhone 5's new features.

With the announcement by Apple on September 12 of the new iPhone 5, you may be wondering if your existing iPhone app can be upgraded to work better on the newest iPhone. To answer that question, you need to first know what’s new in the iPhone 5. Then, consult with an iPhone 5 Developer (dare we suggest you call Evolutionate?)

So what is different about the iPhone 5? What makes it so much better than the “old” iPhone 4? Here’s a rundown of the announced features:

* The first thing you will notice is that it’s taller in order to accommodate the iPhone 5′s larger screen, which now spans 4 inches diagonally and 1,136×640 pixels. That gives the new screen a true 16:9 high definition aspect ratio, perfect for watching movies. (Say goodbye to the annoying black letterbox bars!)

But what does that mean to you, your app, and your iPhone 5 developer? It means that your app now has more screen real estate to work with. The iPhone 4 and 4s screen resolutions are 960×640, which means which means your app has another 176 rows of eye-popping, retina-display pixels to play with.

For games, that means more status indicators, controls, or game-play area. For your business app, you’ll now have space for more content. And for your social media applications, you’ll have more posts and information on your screen. Users will also notice that they’ve now got a 5th row of icons on your home screens.

* The iPhone 5 has a faster processor. The Apple-designed A6 processor runs at twice the speeed of the old A5. And while the difference is not something you will initially think you need (either as an App Publisher or a consumer), what you will notice is that all of the screen transitions and effects are far smoother than they ever have been. (After using the iPhone 5 for just a short while, you’ll shudder at the thought of returning to your old iPhone 4s.)

Does the faster processor require any redevelopment effort? No, your current app will run just fine — only faster — on the new chip. That said, faster processors always have a way of inspiring more complex apps, so it won’t be long until your app’s iPhone 5 users will also be complaining that their phone isn’t fast enough.

* The Lightning Connector. Gone is the old, wide original iPod connector in favor of the new Lightning connector, it’s new, smaller, faster sibling. Probably its best feature is that it’s reversible. That’s right: you can plug it in rightside up or upside down. The iPhone 5 will automatically adjust accordingly. Apple calls this an “adaptive interface.”

Does the new Lightning connector require any new redevelopment effort? Well, it does if you make accessories for the iPhone. None of the old devices, including cables, speakers, docs and other accessories will work with the new iPhone without an adapter…and some won’t even work *with* an adapter, due to space issues.

But the functions of the new connector should not affect your current app at all (check with your iPhone 5 developer to be sure). We’ll find out soon if there are new capabilities built into the new connector and interface that we can use to improve your app.

* This new iPhone 5 is FAST. With the new 4G LTE wireless — available on ATT, Sprint and Verizon — your app will perform better than ever, especially if it is a server-based application (i.e. social media app, business communication app, or a multi-player game) that connects you and your phone to other users or databases full of information.

But does your iPhone 5 developer need to do anything different to take advantage of these increase speeds? No, not at all.

What else is new? The iPhone 5 boasts longer battery life, new headphones, a new bottom location for the headphone jack, a higher resolution 8mp camera, a third microphone, a smaller SIM card, and of course iOS 6.

Will those affect the performance of your app? You can’t know for sure until and unless you test it, but every new operating system brings compatability risks with existing software. No matter how many “improvements” OS developers like Apple, Microsoft and Google make, there will always be some apps that either fail to work, or work poorly as a result.

If you are concerned at all about whether your app ought to be optimized for the iPhone 5, or whether it will work with the iPhone 5 at all, contact Evolutionate, your iPhone 5 developer. We are on the cutting edge of iPhone 5 app development, and will take the time to help you conceive, plan, design and develop your new iPhone 5 app.

Whether you have an app that you are considering upgrading to take advantage of the iPhone 5′s new features, or you are planning on entering the app market with a new idea, let us know. In fact, ask for our free iPhone App Feasibility Consultation. We’ll let you know what we think of your app plans and goals, and whether we can help you achieve them.