My First Mobile App

Are you looking to build your first mobile app? Well then you might be a bit nervous or tentative about what your first or next steps ought to be.

The app business isn’t just like any other business. Yes, there are similarities, but apps themselves have a few unique qualities that make a first-time app development project a challenge.

That’s why we’ve developed a special White Paper called “The Six Biggest Mistakes People Make When Building Their First iPhone App, And How To Avoid Them.”

When you download and read this White Paper, you’ll discover the answers to these important questions:

  1. The single most important “first step” you need to take (and how you can accidentally doom your entire project if you don’t do it right.)
  2. Common Non-Disclosure Agreement assumptions, and why your NDA might not protect you like your attorney said it would.
  3. How selecting a developer based on the lowest price can end up costing more in the long run.
  4. Misunderstanding your price quote, and how to make sure the price you’re quoted is the price you actually pay.
  5. Mis-managing your timelines and milestones, and the three simple steps to making sure your product ends on time and on budget.
  6. Why building an App is only the first step to making money with an App.

Getting the White Paper is easy. Just fill out the form on this page with your name and primary email address. You’ll get download instructions by email almost immediately.