Tips to bring best User Experience in Ecommerce mobile apps

What do you use for shopping online- desktop or mobile? I bet majority would not say mobile! But why?

Today the number of mobile devices is more than the population of the world! Still there is no satisfactory penetration of mobile use to buy stuff online. When variety of shopping apps is placed before us to savor from then what is “it” that’s holding us back? That “it” is user experience and below are ways to make it better.

  • First impression is the last impression
  • If the user does not linger on the site after the first 10 seconds then there is some real trouble. Design the layout that at the very first look the user understands what the site is about, what he would get here as well as the simplicity to use it.

  • Reduce the point of friction
  • The most important thing that needs to be taken into consideration is to make the experience of the user pleasurable. Care should be taken that he does not need to switch between screens before getting to the real activity. Thus having a single page is recommended to reduce the plausibility of user dropouts. Also this alleviates any concern of slowdown in the process between pages too.

  • This is not desktop
  • While designing the UI-UX bear in mind that the mobile users will have a different notion about using the app than the desktop user for the same site. If you do not strip the optional and not so important functions out increasing frustration that would proportionately increase the abandonment rate.

  • Touch feel the design
  • Placing the labels, buttons etc. in not cluttered way will prevent the layout from looking fiddly. Use horizontal spaced up orientation with placing the buttons where the user would likely look out for. Also color coordinated and different buttons with proper ambiguous words not just tempt the user to click it but also sends a clear message home.

  • Change in words could do the trick
  • If you use “buy” instead of “add to cart” then probably there seems a slight push to the user transparently. Such urgency tactics would help in the increasing the graph of mobile adaptation.

  • One-click is all that matters
  • If you increase the time the user needs to buy and checkout, there is lesser scope that the user actually makes a purchase. So directing the user to checkout a.s.a.p. is the bang on decree.

  • They need help? Give them!
  • Believe me this is the most important part that many apps feign to have. But on spot customer care available 24*7 will mine user’s nature and also guarantee not just that your goods are sold but also the surety that he comes back again.

  • Socialize!
  • Interacting about the user’s experience with your app, understanding their culture will help you mold your app just the way user wants to use it. The best way to know about how good your app is doing is simply by talking about it!

  • Secure your user
  • Most important and will always be a major concern. Take care that you could get the best of both the worlds by neither allowing back snooping nor make it difficult for the user to decrypt what they entered was right or wrong.

To stay in the forefront you need to be coming out with the best. Listening to the Chinese whisper of user demands and adapting them will help you cut the cake and have it as well.