Tips to redesign a successful Web Application into a successful Mobile Application

You have developed a wonderful prodigy with your web application product. So what’s next?
I bet most of you might think about this after basking in the glory success of your product after you get used to the tan. But the next step after a successful venture builds up added responsibilities just like the wish for extra topping to enhance the already heavenly pizza. Umm hungry? But for exactly what? Hungry to gain in more success for your product; to get “it” right into the hands to the user. Yes you get me right. The next step after making a successful web application is its reincarnation as a mobile app which is also as successful as its sibling.
With everything turning mobile not just mobile, we are sure going to be a part of the Darwin’s theory after all. But the bull’s eye is not how creating one but it is how you are going to create “it”. Programming and code ethics are not going to change in either ways the only thing that will be stark different will be how to use it to create your app.
Here I am not divulging into how you create a successful mobile app but how you go about creating one. Well probably! Dive in.

  • Focus! Focus! Focus!
  • Take note that the way in which a user swims through the desktop web application is not the same while skimming through the mobile app. The users at the two ends though have the same destination, but their paths are varied to reach it.

  • Logical math
  • To be saying that mobile app is different altogether would be wrong. It is just having the ingredients of a web application with the add-on spices like few key considerations and APIs.

  • Cross compatibility is different
  • Cross compatibility in web application persist but with variation in browsers that does not affect the working as the OS compatibility does to a mobile app. Well this would not be a problem if you create a multi-platform app.

  • Redesign matching time
  • Your main aim should be providing the user with their lookout task with seamless smoothness and at a quick speed. Use the quick and iterative approach. So go about designing till you reach atleast the minimal level of what user expects.

  • Validate time and again
  • Create many prototypes of the version of the app. The app has to be the core reflection of the web application, the design to be simple that the user knows exactly why he is here and how to use it. In short let the app do the talking.

  • 10 second rule
  • The most important task is to hold on the attention of the mobile user. With the mobile used just everywhere and anytime, the audience is always distracted on the go.

  • Strike out the unnecessary content
  • Work up the user interface experience to rather greater magnitudes with just having the core points that helps to adapt the limited computing power and also the less span in the network bandwidth. So instead of adding more gravy and screwing up the dish just keep it fresh with required herbs. Voilà! Buon Appetito!

  • Herd following is strict No!
  • Be careful to not be carried away by seasonal trends. There are just tidal waves of either crumping all the content into a single screen or go about creating a number of them. You have to understand what suits your app the best.

One should never be satisfied with what one has after all satisfaction is the homicide of growth. With the technology Sherpas climbing the technology, the stakes are leveled of embodying the new innovations with business strategies. It is time you steer from code to pixels to garner perfectionism in feeling the app while it works. You are doing good, let’s start getting better at that.